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Fiberglass Rod Hoops

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Product Name Fiberglass Rod Hoops For Garden Low Tunnel Vegetable Greenhouse
Material Fiberglass reinforced polymer
Surface Smooth
UV property UV inhibitor
Application For Garden Low Tunnel Vegetable Greenhouse
Packaging Bundles and Pallets
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Fiberglass Rod Row Cover Hoops For Low Tunnel Salad Vegetables Greenhouse Frame

Support hoops are the most critical frames for one low tunnel greenhouse to protect vegetable and other plants from frost, physical damage, insects or pest during all seasons.

The HUAHAO Composite fiberglass rod hoops are designed to quickly and effectively create a low tunnel frame structure to hold up various agricultural films, shade cloths, insect screens or pest netting


- Smooth solid fiberglass rod with superior flexibility

- Straight shape in small volume and light weight for cheap handling

- Can be installed by machine quickly

- Holds poly film, shade cloths, frost blankets and more to create a low tunnel easily and effectively.

- The tunnel space height and span can be adjusted

- Can be straight automatically once the hoops are released for cheap storage

- Fiberglass rod hoops can last for years and can be re-used for many growing seasons



Fiberglass Rod Hoops