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Fiberglass Epoxy Rod

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Diameter 5mm,6mm,7mm,8mm,10mm,12mm,12.7mm,16mm
Product Name epoxy rod
Material E-glass,epoxy resin
Surface Smooth
Packaging Bundles and Pallets
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HUAHAO Fiberglass Epoxy Rods

The Fiberglass epoxy rod is made of E-glass fiber impregnated with epoxy resin matrix and extruded at high temperature. Pultrusion molding process is to impregnate resin adhesive reinforcement materials (such as glass fiber twistless roving, glass fiber continuous felt, etc.) under the action of traction, through extrusion mold forming, curing, continuous production of FRP profiles with unlimited length. This process is most suitable for the production of various section shapes of FRP profiles, such as rods, tubes, solid profiles (I-shaped, trough, square profiles) and hollow profiles. Due to its fully automated production process, high production efficiency, stable product quality, high strength characteristics.

Fiberglass Epoxy Rod Features:

Light weight and high strength

High temperature resistance

Electrical insulation

Corrosion resistance

Popular Sizes:

5mm7mm9.5mm (3/8")12mm16mm (5/8")20mm
6mm8mm (5/16")10mm12.7mm (1/2")17.5mm 11/16"22mm
6.35 (1/4")9mm11mm14mm19mm (3/4")25.4mm (1")

Length: can be any specific length required.