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Fiberglass Pole Double Sided Reflector for Driveway

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Diameter 1/4" 5/16"
Product Name Fiberglass Reflector Driveway Marker
Material Fiberglass reinforced polymer
Surface Smooth
UV property UV inhibitor
Application Driveway reflective marker,Snow Plow stake marker
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Light and flexible - Driveway markers are made of durable fiberglass. Lightweight and sturdy.

Reflective Markers - Each driveway reflectors has a double-sided reflector. When the lights shine on the reflector, the reflector will become very eye-catching which can make people clearly see the edge of the road.

Easy installation - Reflective markers have pointed tips, easily insert into the groud. If the land is hard, use a tool to make a small hole before inserting the snow markers to avoid damage.

Suitable applications - Reflective driveway markers are used for driveways, roadways, curbs, and other dangerous areas to mark the edge clearly.