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Fiberglass Dowel Bars For Concrete Pavements Retaining Wall

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Diameter 8mm,10mm,12mm,12.7mm,16mm
Product Name Fiberglass Dowel Bars
Material Fiberglass reinforced polymer
Surface Smooth
Shape Straight in specific length
UV property UV inhibitor
Application Concrete Pavements,Retaining wall
Packaging Bundles and Pallets
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Fiberglass Dowel Bars are used as a“Load Transfer”device between joints in concrete slabs such as:

★Contraction Joints

★Expansion Joints

★Isolation Joints

★Construction Joints

★Shear Dowels in MSE Wall

They provide a mechanical connection between slabs but allow for horizontal contraction and expansion of the slab itself.

Product Parameter (specification) of HUAHAO Dowels:

Product Type: GFRP dowel bar

Material: solid fiberglass rods

Surface: smooth

Size: 8mm 10mm 12mm 12.7mm 5/8” 1” 1.5”

Length: 130mm,150mm,200mm,230mm etc.

Application: concrete pavement

Packaging: Pallets


1.Maintenance free and no rust, no rot

2.High impact strength and high fatigue strength

3.Electrically non-conductive

4.Non magnetic

5.Easily installed